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Paintings, Prints,
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The Hank Grebe Gallery of Analog Art

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Early Digital Art Illustrations

Fred Flintstone illustration

"Fred's Paintings"

An experiment with the popular Pretoglyph Look didn't look right until my favorite Stone Age character joined the party.


"Living Stones"

I've done 3 of these detailed oil paintings from my color photographs of the glacial moraine quartz stones on Long Island's north shore, Crane Neck.


"Crane Neck Stones"

A larger oil "rock painting", 4 x 6 foot canvas.

Rolling Thunder

Rolling Thunder

Portrait of RT, at the Meta Tantay community he founded, in Carlin, Nevada. The Grateful Dead song, "Sunrise" on the Terrapin Station album, refers to RT and this place. Learn more...

Taos Pueblo Indians

"Taos Pueblo Indians"

Encountered two residents of the Taos Pueblos and asked if I could take their picture. A true West adventure began.

Moon Fire

"Moon Fire"

Oil painted study, radial motion blur... a nice spot to get together with friends.

Big Hello

"The Big Hello"

You never know who you will encounter on the wild, open road of life.

Long Goodbye

"The Long Goodbye"

This is not a dog. This is a mystery story. Superstitious Mountains.

dog painting

"Gravity's Rainbow"

Slothrop visits Dali's Mediterranean desert retreat.

Beach Items

"Beach Items"

More beach madness. Perhaps an unconscious reference to Duane Palyka's characters, Eno Frapp and Glick.

Rough Day At Beach

"Rough Day at the Beach"

I like the seashore. It's the end of solid ground and fantastic possibilities seem possible.


"Notoro Zorro"

Incident involving Zorro on a beach along the Belt Parkway in Brooklyn.

Surrealists Convention

"The Surrealists' Convention"
Don't be afraid to express your ideas, even if you're worlds apart.

Surrealists Circus illustration

"Surrealists' Circus"

Influenced by Heironymous Bosch and Mad magazine. Destroyed in a suspicious Dallas July 4th fire in early 80's, now in a new life in cyberspace.

Omkar in the Asteroid Belt

"Omkar in the Asteroid Belt"

Try to extend yourself and gain new perspectives whenever you have the opportunity.

Gnarly Knockwurst illustration


"Gnarly Knockwurst" was born during the thrill of my first ski trip to Aspen.

Alles Klar!

"Alles Klar!"

Reminds me of an adventure on Crested Butte's North Face. My guide disappeared over a cliff!

Gumby in Jail

"Gumby In Jail"

Even good clay can have a rough day. See also, my digital Gumby references.

John Lennon

"The Unfinished John Lennon"

An oil painting sketch done around the time of his untimely departure.

The 3 Stooges

The Three Stooges

A watercolor honoring America's cultural heritage of foremost entertainment legends.

Orange Crush

Orange Crush Can

One of a series of watercolor crushed Crush cans. Done before REM was singing about them. Watercolors flattened onto the paper like an ultra thin, crushed soda can.


Captain Beefheart

A serigraph composed from 4 photographs I shot during Don Van Vliet's last known performing tour. See photos from the concert.


Mr. Roger's Neighborhood

A serigraph expressing the inner child. More about Mr. Rogers.

Gary Coleman"The Cultural Transmission of Gary Coleman"

A serigraph representing only a small distribution of a once highly broadcasted cute face.

Mill Pond

Mill Pond Skating

Photo silkscreen of Mill Pond
Setauket, Long Island, New York.


"Sirius Being"

A serigraph using a splattered blockout technique, akin to Tamayo and Dubuffet.


Merz Collage

My homage to the work of the Dadaist collage artist, Kurt Schwitters.



Hank's Beatle Character Designs from...
The Lost YELLOW SUBMARINE Animated Feature that never happened!

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