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Media Spin Presents Hank Grebe's Digital Art Gallery

Hank Grebe's Digital Archives

PaulinaFrom Paulina's Estee Lauder Ad
Animated blend tweening rendered with Adobe Illustrator

Isabella From Isabella Rossellini's Lancome Ad. Adobe Illustrator rendering.
Gowned Figure Gown
Illustration rendered using Adobe Illustrator
Barbie Fantasia Fancy Free
Fractal Painter sketc.
Corroded Pewter PotFour Tea Pots.
RenderMan shaders derived from Pat Hanrahan and Jim Lawson's paper "A Language for Shading and Lighting Calculations", SIGGRAPH'90 Proceedings.
Gumby in JailGumby In Jail
Based on my painting, modeled and rendered in Strata Studio Pro
3D Gumby Gumby, QuickTime Movie.
Gumby, early example of flexible character animation. Flexible modeling software by Dick Lundin.
3D GleepsThe Gleeps, QuickTime Movie.
The Gleeps, excerpt from 30 seconds of simple 3D character animation
3D BustBusta Me
My Cyberscan bust imported into Strata Studio Pro.
Photoshop/KPT PortraitVisual Reality
Self portrait video grab, and too much Photoshop/KPT acid.
Mattemania Stills "Mattemania" Hand-painted Tamara de Lempicka Reproductions

Galerie Dada sells premium quality hand-painted, oil-on-canvas Tamara de Lempicka art reproductions, available in many different sizes and at reasonable prices.

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