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with Jeffrey Lee Pierce

Now on DVD - GHOST ON THE HIGHWAY: A Portrait of Jeffrey Lee Pierce and The Gun Club

Ghost on the Highway DVD


From Wikipedia: "The Gun Club were a rock band from Los Angeles in the 1980s led by flamboyant singer/guitarist, ex-rock critic Jeffrey Lee Pierce. The band was formed by Pierce and Kid Congo Powers and initially called Creeping Ritual. They went through several lineup changes before settling on "The Gun Club", a name suggested by Circle Jerks singer Keith Morris. Their first album, 1981's Fire of Love, is regarded as a classic by many rock critics. One critic has written that the "album's lyrical imagery is plundered from voodoo, '50's EC comics and the blues," 1 while another notes that "Nobody has heard music like this before or since."[1] Fire of Love sold well and arguably received the best reviews of any release from the band."

From TheGunClub.net: "Jeffrey spent a month or two in Japan in late 1995, making connections with new bands and even becoming friends with rap notable Dr. Dre and a few others,who were also hanging out in Japan.....he returned to L.A. in December, to perform at the yearly Ringling Sisters benefit. He did a few songs with his own band, and also an explosive "Fire Spirit" with Gun Club fans, Possum Dixon. Jeffrey had been working on his book around this time, but unfortunately while visiting his father in Utah in March, he fell into a coma (due to a supposed blood clot) and died a week later on March 31, 1996, despite surgeries and medical attention."

November 30, 1982 at Merlyn's Club in Madison, Wisconsin, USA. I recall there was a lot of buzz about Jeffrey Lee Pierce and The Gun Club, which is probably why my camera lens apparently never strayed far from him. - HG

Jeffrey Lee Pierce


Some of these photos are now part of Kurt Voss's film about Jeffery Lee Pierce, Ghost on the Highway.

Some Merlyn's Club memories, pretty cool blog with photos

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