In Reply to Marlboros and Time

Dear Sir,

I like a joke about as well as the next guy, but your recent article entitled Marlboros and Time goes well beyond parody and demands the following response.

TO SET THE RECORD, AND HOPEFULLY LONO, STRAIGHT, we have never used Alias on Reboot. Reboot is, was, and will continue to be a 100% SoftImage based production. True, we started with a handful of crew, but never in a warehouse. I must take exception with Lono's belief that none of our staff could direct, draw, write, design or edit, and would hasten to point out that we have several key animators, including, but not limited to, my partner Ian Pearson who was the world's first digital Harry editor and additionally created, with Gavin Blair, the world's first highly recognized CGI characters as seen in the now classic Dire Straitās video "Money for Nothing". Further, there was never a pilot ordered for Reboot, merely a full 13 half-hour episode order from ABC.

Lono's allusions to "Aliens" must be assessed as either dillusional or perhaps as a chemically induced retroactive vision. I would be very curious to learn more of this purported director who flew weekly 1st class to London, and received a monthly salary of $150,000. At this rate, heās made far more than either Ian Pearson or myself, and we own controlling stock of the company! Richard Zondag, a gifted director whose credits include "Land Before Time", "An American Tale" and "We're Back" is happily married, and provided us with greatly appreciated creative input on a monthly basis on far less a scale of remuneration than previously mentioned.

As for the Canadian government underwriting, while we are all proud to be living in what we believe to be one of the greatest countries on earth, we can assure you and your readership that we received no government financial assistance for the first two seasons of Reboot.

In closing, good night, and good luck, Lono. May the farce be with you.

Respectfully yours,

Christopher J. Brough
President, CEO
Mainframe Entertainment, Inc.
(aka Reboot's Producer)